Law of Attraction or Distraction

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So you’ve watched AND/OR read, “The Secret,” and know it pretty intimately by now. You’ve sat glued to your seat watching Tony Robbins “fix” yet another confused and forlorn soul in his workshops. You’ve purchased book after book about finding fulfillment and living your passion. Thanks to Dr. Wayne Dwyer, and others who have convinced you that meditation works, you have begun to put it into practice for yourself (when you remember…). You’ve created two vision boards that are posted gloriously in your wealth and career sectors according to your Bagua. And the Feng Shui items you have purchased wave and smile at you from various corners in your home, as well as hang from the visor in your car, and swim merrily along in the aquarium. You feel so inspired! You feel renewed! Now if only you could just get up and utilize that same energy you put forth in purchasing all these items, reading all those books, and talking with others about what “The Secret” means to you, in a way that propels you off your computer, closes the books, and moves you forward in to your destiny. Where?? YOUR DESTINY! (Sorry I had to yell). But let’s face it, you can read countless articles, books, make a hundred vision boards and post them on your mirror, and do meditation mantras until you feel one with the entire solar system, but unless you do something with all this newfound information, it means squat. It’s all a distraction. How do you take that first step? The answer is so simple a book is written about it. (Recall the K.I.S.S. principle?) Don’t worry about it, and JUST DO IT! (And that is not a plug for a sports brand). I know you’re worried about the what ifs, and the maybe it wont, and the how in the world, but believing in those, enable you to lose faith in yourself, and faith in the system. The world is set up to not stress over any of those things. No matter what your passion is, go do something related to it. Be involved in something to physically acknowledge it. But please, don’t read another book about it. This is all about the DOING of it. If you do something, the next step will be placed before you, and the next, and then the next. There’s an old African Proverb that says, “when you pray, move your feet.” I’m pretty sure if you’ve done all of the above, you’ve prayed also. Now GO, move your feet. Your life, your destiny, is waiting for you.

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