Who Are You Really?

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For me, the greatest communication challenge that I encounter is talking with others and still being true to who I am. There has been a lot written on the idea of mirroring others when talking with them. Whether that be through facial expression, talking speed, body language, at what point does mirroring end, and YOU begin? Here’s an idea, what if you are just you, from the outset, and forgo mirroring the other person in hopes of having better communication with them. Maybe you can just be you, and then if the conversation doesn’t go well, well then maybe that’s just how it’s supposed to work out. Why should you change yourself? Is that who you really want to be? Is that really who you are? We live in a world that is so image conscious, filled with fake breasts, fake butts and faces…When is it safe to be the person you were born to be? Let’s sit with this for a while…

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